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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 | Perfect Gold Chrome

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 | Perfect Gold Chrome

From nature to, Jupie MX is a sporty character. This 135cc engine could be barking at whatever engine revolution. Yet, when asked to dress up nice for display at the exhibition is also okay. Simple example, the output komeng 2006 search I Made Ambara Suarjaya from Bali.

This motor was never show off in Otre, but by the owner of the repaired again with a more fresh and Modify deserve admiration. "The concept is an elegant sport, hence the somewhat customed body, but wearing gold chrome," commentator modifier of the open garage on the number of Mount Muliawan East.

Compared to a previous version, the MX body was given transbody from other Yamaha products, namely headlights Mio Smile. Meanwhile, the front cover Thailand substituted variations of products, including handlebar bald.

To the stern, was also made to rise with the former big-bike taillight. Besides enhanced with additional fairing and add undercowl lips in many parts, including fenders front fenders alias.

Finishing the end, chrome alloy with white gold-style graphics Fiat Punto. Surely, this solid color matching really implies perfect impression. Because the concept sports an elegant, of course, body and legs get a little different touch.

Sock front and rear crammed with products Gazi. The swing back to more robust customization provided. In order for the ideal compositions, also the braking device is maximized. "We have disposable products Kitaco, complete with master and calipers," said Ambara Suarjaya.

Special wheels, color is also in conformity with the character body. Chromated Enkei rims. While the ideal composition is made of black rubber, tire performance tire Deli FDR and not too cool, fitted with a body outside the dynamic performance and striking eyes. | Punk

BODY PART: Custom / Mio Smile / aft Matic 250cc, SOK DPN; Up-side down Gazi, discs DPN: Variations wave disc Kitaco, MASTER / KALIPER: Kitaco, SWING ARM, Custom, MONOSOK: Gazi, discs BLK: Variations RC, MASTERS / KALIPER BLK: Kitaco, DPN BAN / BLK; FDR / Deli tire, handlebar: X-1R Thai, TACHO: Hyper-Pro, exhaust: Custom, FOOTPEG: Yoshimura, seats: Custom, modifier: M-1 Custom - Jl. East Muliawan Mount 15x Denpasar Bali.

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